Arouse Your Feminine


Creating our power as a woman is a lifetime endeavor that requires our continuous intention and effort. Orgasmic power is the experience of fulfillment, no matter what we are doing. It is having confidence in our feminine magnetism and knowing that this divine power is in alignment with our greatest purpose! Therefore, having no fears, only love to offer.


"Being apart of the women's workshops has saved my life. I am no longer dependent on my medical prescriptions for insomnia. They were debilitating my life with side effects and now I can finally rest easy. I am also experiencing heart orgasms for the first time and my vaginal juices flow more abundantly. I am experiencing more love in my life and my partner and I are both excited for my results."

-Nicole Mickey

"As one of Grace's very first students and initiates in Reiki I, I was blown away by her natural ability, depth of knowledge and flow of teaching. It was as if she'd been initiating for years. Her calm, cool, attentive & patient demeanor adds a layer of comforting professionalism."

-Ayanna Holcomb

"I love practicing deep yoni breathing and it still thrills my being. I love how I look naked finally and am not embarrassed of my body! I love the strengthening of my vagina and am profoundly enjoying what Grace has taught me."

-Sistah Chai

"I have wanted to become a better lover for women and raise my energy to another level. I reached out to Grace and she had some wonderful advice. Her energy level and advice lifted me greatly."

-TJ Johnson 

"Grace and I have studied together for the past year and she is extraordinarily gifted and pure of heart. She knows what she is talking about!"

-Tafari-sudra Khumbaka

"Grace attuned me in Reiki one and when I became pregnant she attuned me for level two. She did Reiki on me throughout my whole pregnancy."   

-Carolyn Coles 

"She have inspired me on a deep level and in many ways to pursue my freedom and I am immensely grateful." 

-Floyd Banks Jr. 

"She helped me develop vaginal strength for my delivery and gave me transformational practices that has re-stabilized my sexual energy."             

-Kenyatta Auset 


"The help from Grace has been inspirational for me as she helped me to become aware of my personal strength and feminine power."

-Amina Jalloh

"Grace helped me discover a new way to enhance my orgasm and meditation simultaneously."  

-Grace Chung

"Grace has assisted me with creative and structured mapping during my rituals." 

-Yolanda Boykins 

"Grace's Reiki Master skills opened me up to performing self-healing practices of Reiki and energy work."  

- Nicole Damiba

"As a participant in earlier workshops I have realized more women should be orgasming. This is about spiritual and emotional well-being. More women need to know about this information!"  

- Jolie Berry

"Grace has been a leader and friend with helping me find balance and guiding me to self seeking answers during my relationships." 

-Nicole Abundance 

"Grace taught me the Reiki principles and provided a holistic vegan plan that have both inspired and energized my life."     

- William Smith 

"Working with Grace has been an experience of spiritual renewing!"   

- Master Thomas Hardgrove 

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