Jade Egg!

Jade eggs have been used for over 7,000 years in Asian traditions for increasing vitality through the sexual organs, and they are now becoming more popular in the West. 

Placing the egg in the vagina causes the stone to rest on the vaginal canal. The added weight strengthens the vaginal muscles, along with:


  • Providing a general awareness of vaginal potential.  
  • Vaginal muscle control and flexibility.
  • Regaining elasticity and tightness of the vagina.
  • More blood flow to the vaginal area.
  • Secretion of more hormones throughout the vagina and body.
  •  Increased vaginal sensitivity for heightened pleasure.
  • Preventative of vaginal, uterus, and womb illnesses.  
  • Helps to generate vaginal lubrication.
  •  The ability to raise Chi from the vagina to the higher, level chakras.
  • The healing and nurturing vibrations generated and released from the jade crystal. 


Jade is an emerald green hue, similar to the heart chakra, which is also green and emits energy of unconditional love, harmony, balance, creativity, abundance and healing. This particular jade egg offered on this site is extra dark green which signifies a more concentrated and powerful jade energy. 

Charging the jade egg with desired prayers and intentions has been a ritualized mediation for many women before they begin their jade egg journey. Yoni breathing into the egg once it is inside the womb releases the desired intentions throughout out the body with energy of love and balance. These meditations are helpful for establishing a deeper connection to the egg and our womb. 

These egged-shaped stones vary in size according to personal preference and goals. Large to medium sized stones are usually used for beginners while smaller stones are used for the advanced coordination of vaginal muscle movement. These specific jade eggs have a drilled hole through the middle. This hole allows a string to be inserted into the egg for easy removal from the Yoni. While using the suspended string, advanced vaginal exercises can be practiced. These exercises are discussed in greater detail during the women's workshops.

After thoroughly cleansing the egg before each use, it is helpful to do kegal exercises in conjunction. These practices will intensify a woman's orgasmic threshold. The uterus begins contracting during the kegal exercises, in  a similar manner to orgasm. Orgasm promotes increased blood circulation (which promotes a healthy libido) and the immune boosting hormones that rejuvenate the body.

The egg is not recommended to use during pregnancy or period cycles. However over time, the egg will soothe cramps and lighten cycles.



Because the jade egg rubs the vaginal walls it also rubs the reflexology points that lay along its interior. Then the jade egg caresses onto these powerful reflexology points, it absorbs any imbalances in the body while simultaneously rejuvenating the organs that connect to that region. This empowers the strength and health of not only the vagina, but the entire body.

Jade Egg 

 ~ Testimonials ~

"The jade egg is consistently reminding me of this powerful feminine and orgasmic aspect of myself that I want to develop and uncover more. It's like a voice reminding me, sometimes in a whisper when the egg sits comfortably with light pressure, and sometimes like a loud voice when it falls out, or other times when I'm walking down the street, which I must laugh at. Both ways, I am reminded of the process of consistency in yoni breathing and the desire to be able to consciously maintain my Jade Egg inside my Yoni. I've been trying out Yoni breathing while having sex and it helps me to build momentum to stronger orgasm."

-Elizabeth Corcoran

"I felt led and was curious to know more about the Yoni Egg and how it could further my experience into the core of the powerful woman I am. I met with Grace personally and she helped me pick out the egg that was right for me. I started working with the egg and the first thing I was faced with was trust. I realized that I didn't trust my womb power enough or my Yoni enough to let this egg go beyond the threshold of what I could control. I doubted my capabilities and knew I needed to face them. Many things came up for me but with Grace's guidance I was able to continue to have the courage to work with my egg and heal blocked energy and negative thinking. Working with the Jade Egg has created such a safe haven for me. Every time I work with my egg I feel so much love. It feels like I'm being internally hugged by my inner child. With each birth of my egg, something new and exciting always manifests. My yoni muscles are strengthened in their movement and way more sensitive. I can feel so much, it is electrifying! I highly recommend every woman use a Yoni Egg." 

-Tashia Manuel

"I am grateful to have attended one of Grace’s women’s empowerment retreats in 2013. The egg she provided me has helped to strengthen my Yoni’s muscles, boost my sexual prowess, and has me using my divine feminine power more consciously, creatively, confidently and compassionately. These benefits have extended beyond my sexual life into my entire life. I am grateful my friend Zarah Rose encouraged me to attend her workshop and the other forces unseen that had me open myself up to this extraordinary experience!"

-Julie Borders 

"Loving the experience with my egg. Building a better and more wonderful relationship with my body and knowing what it wants and what it doesn't. I work wonderfully with my egg. They really are beautiful entities and I am truly thankful to work with them in such a loving, healing, abundant way. Thank you goddess for all of the work you are doing with regards to the healing and empowerment of goddesses world wide. I am truly humbled and thankful to have crossed your path."

-Tavonda Amina 

"While I don't yet insert the jade egg, it is a very powerful tool in my femininity.  I could feel the energy of this crystal the moment I touched it, and first focused on connecting my heart chakra to the jade egg by praying with it.  As I became more emotionally attuned to this crystal, I then started to integrate it into my meditations by placing the jade egg at the base of my root chakra.  This was almost like plugging into an electric current!  Then I became more playful with the jade egg, which I now keep on my vanity, and sometimes use an extra-amazing aspect of self-pleasuring.  This crystal has such a positive vibration that has ignited a soulful surge of Mother Earth energy into my goddess journey.  I am so grateful to Grace for encouraging me to use the jade egg in avant garde ways to nourish my need for slow and spiritual connections to my more sensual Self."


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