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About Grace Díaz

My passion of healing began at the age of ten, when my father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated me as a Reiki practitioner. At the age of 19, I moved to Medellin, Colombia to intensify my Reiki studies. On this 5 month sabbatical my father initiated me as a Reiki master and we began co-hosting biweekly Reiki retreats to promote spiritual growth for our community. Upon my return to the United States in 2010, I began teaching Reiki all over the east coast.

I was introduced to Tantra, sacred sexuality, in 2008, and began practicing it full-time to reclaim my Highest Self. During the fall of 2011, I became initiated into Shakti-Pakti Tantric Guru Yoga and started hosting Tantra workshops and retreats. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in women’s sexual health in order to spread the wisdom of sexual healing.

Why am I so passionate about what I do…

A personal story of transformation…

I believe in the power of orgasm like I believe in my life’s purpose because it is my purpose! Everything is bred from creative energy and when this energy rises to its climatic plateau it is utter bliss! Utter satisfaction! And Utter delight!!

I struggled with a chronic eating disorder which disrupted 10 years of my life! After I met my present partner, I began experiencing the divinity of orgasm on a day to day basis and without my awareness of it, my anorexia and bulimia became dismantled! The spiritual healing of orgasm brought me a joy and inner balance that was priceless.

For 10 years I was in a hole drowning in an illusion. I could not go a single day, a single meal, at times a single moment without the frustration and mental frustration that such a disorder permits. I saw myself as a victim and did not even realize how I was killing myself because I severely repressed it all. I was vomiting to release my depressive and anxious state that was only making it worst.

The sensual release that orgasm creates saved my life and I have been liberated from this disease since.

After experiencing orgasmic surrender with my partner, I’ve experienced a new dimension of sexual healing. I was able to savor and taste life in an electrifying fashion. My handsome king’s energy was exactly what I was praying for in a relationship. (I prayed, meditated, fasted and sacrificed all I could to show myself and the universe I was ready for such a reflection of God in my life) and that divinity was what I received.

Allowing my partner’s natural force, exertion, and penetration of Yang, for which I had been truly starving for, allowed me to release my worries through orgasm instead of a toilet bowl. It saved my life! After time, it was like my body did not even recognize the way of my old purging habits. Instead orgasm became a new way of spiritual communion and therapeutic release.

I allowed my sacred sexuality to surface and this powerful energy redirected my the energy I was running away from.

My self image reawakened! I was permitting my being to fully take in the satisfaction of life with every touch, breathe, and embrace. I was able to let go of the veil and begin feeling my inner beauty for the first time. The more I would allow this beauty to express itself unconditionally, the more I would also feel the support of my environment.

I believe in orgasm like I believe in my life’s purpose, my purpose, which is Who I AM. I AM Bliss, I AM Love, I AM Worthy, I AM Expanding the divinity of Self. Orgasm to me is the most medicinal and satisfying tool there is. Let’s use it and acknowledge it’s magical and pleasurable power!