The Yoni Steam

The Yoni Steam

graceful empowerment

This week we ended our series by indulging in a beautiful Yoni Steam. I had never done a Yoni Steam and was very curious to find out if I would notice any changes physically or emotionally afterwards. As I walk into the door I am greeted with herbal warmth and sweetness coming from a large pot on the stove. It put me into an instant state of relaxation as we prepared for the Yoni Steam.

We had a discussion about characteristics of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energy and how the two contrast and are essential for consciously creating divine balance. Keeping the balance between the two will help us make more conscious choices, to have more control and be healthier and fulfilled. This information was very beneficial as I realized that I was using more of my yang energy which seems to have thrown off my feminine energy. This imbalance has had me feeling unsympathetic, extremely driven in my career (but still not really making any strides) and lacking in my personal relationships, especially intimately.

I am thankful for this discussion as this knowledge is surely leading me to a breakthrough…

We all discussed intimacy and how it affects our vaginal orgasms as well as our ability to connect with our inner power. Intimacy is the gateway to enriching our personal connection with ourselves and others. It is what allows us to be vulnerable and trusting in the experiences and exchanges we have. Some women shut down their sensual responses out of fear of possibly being labeled as “too sexual”. Other women, such as me shut down sensually because we are too busy welcoming stress in our daily lives. This is something else I plan on working on because I see how it affects my orgasmsic energy.

Grace explains that when we are shut off from sensual emotions, it actually causes our nadis (astral tubes carrying life force energy called qi) to become tight and narrow which limits the flow of energy to our vaginal canal. When this happens, we are unable to fully feel our vaginal orgasms. This explains so much like why my sexual desire has plummeted as well as the apparent lack of closeness and connection between my partner and I.

After our very enlightening discussion, we stretched and planted our intentions. Then we unfolded our chairs with holes in the middle for our Yoni. Then we took our mini crock pot and filled it with the boiled herbs from the pot.

We all placed our pots of Yoni herbs directly under holes in our chairs. Grace explained the positive benefits of doing a Yoni Steam., such as it being an ancient holistic practice that promotes womb wellness and healing. Traditionally, yoni steams have been used to release toxins, cleanse the uterus and improve menstrual cycles. I thought this was perfect timing as I was currently on my menses and was looking forward to pampering my vaginal canal with the steam while simultaneously gently massaging my lower abdomen. During these 2 hours of Yoni Steaming and feeling really intimately connected to my “ sisters” in our circle, we did a Yoni Breathing meditation.

My Yoni felt moist, warm and loved.

During this gentle Yoni Steam, I noticed I felt my vaginal canal relaxing and opening up for a juicy release. I felt some pinned up emotions softening up Concluding our Yoni Breathing meditation, we opened up discussion of discoveries made about ourselves throughout this 5 week journey of The Succulent Woman.

I specifically noted the changes my body is screaming for me regarding my choices in food. I also opened up about clarity received from using my Jade yoni egg which helped me get to the root of my relationship issues with myself and others. I was grateful for all of the lessons learned, all of the intentions I planted and am waiting for to manifest, and I am especially grateful for Grace and my Sister Goddesses for embracing me and allowing me this journey and for the knowledge and experiences we created.

I am walking away from this Succulent Woman Workshop with the wisdom and tools needed to enrich and elevate my life to a higher frequency. I feel so much closer to the divine that resides in me. I am proud and honored to be taking part in this Yoni awareness/ orgasmic intuition movement. Women are gaining knowledge and power and using it to heal and restore love back into themselves, the earth and others.

Special Excerpt… What is an Orgasmic Yoni?

Special Excerpt… What is an Orgasmic Yoni?

graceful empowerment

The name Yoni (Yoo-nee) is a Sanskrit term for vagina and is revamping feminine consciousness today. Because the term vagina feels sexually stale when pronounced, we will use the term Yoni throughout this material to inspire the sensual spirit of this body part. Our Yoni is a sacred temple of sexual worship that lies in a “womb-man’s” womb.

All Yonies possess vast orgasmic potential, symbolizing the Great Void (vagina, vulva, vessel, etc.) where all things are possess potential to grow. This darkness is the womb of creation. Additionally, a Yoni symbolizes the great Mother and the Great Yin Vessel that transports Spirit or Life Force through birthing it into reality. When orgasmic energy or creative energy is fully embraced our Yoni’s potential awakens! This means we begin feeling more and being pleasurably present in the experience of living.

Cultivating our Yoni is a daily ritual of nurturing, honoring, respecting, and stimulating our Divine Feminine Energy. A healthy Yoni is constantly innervating hormonal nutrients and Vital Life Force Chi throughout our body. When this happens our Yoni glows with radiance and vitality and can sustain long periods of orgasmic pleasure. Daily cultivation of our Yoni is required for building a new foundation for Yoni Empowerment.

Being fully actualized in our Yoni (mastering how we direct and distribute our Yoni energy) is fundamental to being a conscious co-creator with the Universe.  Our Yoni (the nucleus of our feminine body) becomes a sensor that receives information about our realm of being. Fully embracing the Spirit of our Yoni stimulates our perception and we begin to feel fully from a deeper place. The Spirit of our Yoni is found in what emotions allow us fully to enjoy and surrender to the moment. 

These feelings are usually the ones tucked away in our most intimate part of our Yoni. Fully feeling our reality energetically, using our Yoni’s sensations illuminates our reality.

Orgasm is our Yoni’s medicine. Orgasm restores and balances our body, mind, and heart. A powerful practice, which is becoming more valued for creating orgasmic health is the Yoni Egg practice. An orgasmically healthy Yoni fuels our psychological, biological, and sexual health, while stimulating our Spiritual arousal to life. Then connection to our deepest, most intimate Self is natural and our inner-connection expands outward with love. The secrets that lie within the Yoni’s cave are revealed during orgasmic cultivation. These secretions birth magical messages, feelings, or revelations.

An orgasmic Yoni is sensitive and receptive to impregnation. She desires to be filled with power and strength (whether physically or energetically). She desires to move, grip, pull, feel, and fully embrace the vibrations that exist within her. These vibrations mirror the quality of energy we possess in our womb. Therefore, cultivating orgasmic Yoni practices serves our Yoni as a via to feeling the truth of who we are. Once we begin using our Yoni Egg as optimally as possible, we will find that controlling the egg is easier and it mirrors how we control the outcome of our sexual energy.

A Yoni is optimized significantly when it is physically toned and vibrationally aware. In this awakened state our Yoni can effortlessly direct our sexual energy using our vaginal strength. After we have cultivated our vaginal power we can conscious send our sexual, vital chi to any place in our body for healing. For example, if there is illness or imbalance in our Yoni we can send her Orgasmic Healing; or perhaps it is another part of our body such as our kidneys, heart, ovaries, breasts, colon, intestines, thyroid, pituitary, pineal, etc. We can use our breath to direct our orgasmic-rejuvenating chi to fortify and boost any imbalance. Using our Yoni Egg will trains us to do this!

We can exchange orgasmic life force with the Universe! This means by simply squeezing our Yoni muscles and letting out a big exhale, our Yoni becomes energetically stimulated. If we have experienced sexual trauma we can send our sacred sexual energy to the past time in order to heal and infuse positive vibrations to that point in time. Such as mellowing in the experience by gently gipping your Yoni muscles, then releasing and exhaling with an OM. The same goes for the future, perhaps we desire to have an orgasmic birth, or fully embrace a loved one before we meet with them. By fantasizing of this scenario before it happens and infusing our Yoni’s love into it we can create vibrations of transformation. Our Yoni’s power is unlimited, thus expanding our us imagination is essential for using this Divine Power!

Reiki Workshop

Reiki Workshop

graceful empowerment

Here is a concept I haven’t considered: Reiki Energy vs. Orgasmic Energy? These are ultimately two different genres of energy. Yet they both deal with how we express energy.

We are learning how to embrace our bodies and project healing energy from within. While we share personal experiences, Grace discusses the Jade Egg in order to enrich our understanding of maintaining whole body health. Jade’s super absorbent energy is similar to the receptivity of our yoni (vagina’s). Using this vaginal weight regularly restores not only vaginal elasticity but helps regain awareness of vaginal control for the help of life’s many important occasions.

All of the ladies here are looking forward to progressing and becoming more emotionally conscious to open the door to this orgasmic expression. We are all new to this experience, except one woman who is already a level 2 Reiki Practitioner. We are all purposefully sharing our stories to help activate our goals of sensual healing and enlightenment. In this process we are discovering that being vulnerable and comfortable with the sensations of energy makes it easier to express our own energy. Being a open vessel for energy to surge through us is the first step for Reiki Projection.

Reiki Treatments

  • Promote relaxation and reduces stress.
  • Helps cleanse the body of toxins
  • Reiki can be used for earth healing and a tool to help others
  • Because Reiki is intuitively based, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to project Reiki energy

Teachings of Level 1 Reiki

  • Opening up to Life Force Energy
  • Becoming receptive to feeling the subtleties of energy
  • How to breathe through the palms of the hands
  • The different hand positions for a formal Reiki treatment
  • Learning the language of energy
  • Feeling what type of energy is best project depending on what we feel
  • How to perceive the chakras in the body for optimal energy projection

As I share this journey through my blog, I began to become interested in my own personal journey…

I was a little unsure what the journey would entail, but I was excited to learn as Grace welcomed into the group to document the experience. I was there as and observer, who quickly became absorbed into the exercises. My energy of love was attracted to the beauty of healing and opening up to life force energy. I participated in several exercises feeling the language of energy and using my healing abilities. I partnered up with a young lady who was expecting her first child. We practiced a breathing exercise where the young mother to be was the giver of energy and I was the receiver. This entailed me to allow the giver to inhale as much of the universal energy into her crown chakra and exhale out of her palms, with my palms directly across from hers, I then inhaled the energy she sent to me through my palms and exhaled out of my crown chakra sending into the universe. This was amazing!! While sitting and receiving her energy I was filled with visualization of seeing the colors orange and red. This was exciting and a beautiful projection as I was able to feel the maternal glow of the young mother to be. We then exchanged positions where I became the giver and she the receiver. The experience was unreal and awesome to share!

The Reiki Attunement

As we are stretching out and preparing for the Reiki attunement, I am reaching a level of excitement to see what is to come! Grace gives the ladies their Jade Egg so they can have their energy with them during the Reiki attunement. Everyone sits with their backs facing one another in pray pose with our palms in front of our hearts. We rove all over jewelry since metal detours energy. We are asked to meditate for 15 mins with the Jade Eggs placed right in front of us on our yoga mat. As we meditate Grace prepares herself energetically for the Reiki initiation. This is our final step into becoming a Reiki practitioner, how exciting!!

The Succulent Woman Workshop

After the Reiki attunement we break for lunch and anticipate our Succulent Woman Workshop! Once we resume Grace gives us The Succulent Woman packet that she has designed for optimal growth into the Sensual Realm of Enlightenment! This packet contains a major amount of information for orgasmic enhancement, the health benefits of orgasm and exercises for the different Yoni breathing, pelvic, and Kundalini practices. The packet contains exercises for daily use for creating and living an orgasmic lifestyle.

After reading a few chapters of The Succulent Woman packet Grace pauses us to do some Yoni Breathing. We close our eyes and begin inhaling as deep as we can into our vaginal area. While holding our PC muscles tight and all let go of our breath and Yoni grip simultaneously and let out a big, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This experience was beautiful. As my eyes were closed I saw green, yellow and orange colors. Upon my inhale, green was the dominate color but as I held my breath the colors yellow and orange blended into the green color. I felt warm with love and an eagerness to stay in this beautiful array of colors. I was fascinated to learn more! We learned that feminine succulence is the preservation of our energy. Preserving our energy is restoring our energy, which is what creates our healing! Because many woman do not preserve their energy their vitality suffers and illness and imbalance is at a greater risk.

Our Yin energy/feminine energy became our next topic as we continue to read and understand our feminine power. One of the ladies began to feel ill, so at that time Grace thought it would be a great idea to send our Reiki energy to the young lady to bring about healing. It was interesting for me to watch as the ladies close their eyes and extended their hands towards the young lady in pain. Grace and the other two ladies began to breathe in deeply, hold the breath as they tightened their Yonis and then exhaled with a moan. We visualized the energy going into her womb and bringing about balance. After doing this 4 times, the young lady sprung up with her face glowing with relief. She smiled and was amazed as to how the pain was gone and the healing treatment worked! I was amazed too! The energy power was tremendous and great to see in action. I was totally convinced that I must share this with others and become a practitioner.

Highlights from our Succulent Woman Workshop

  • Our emotions attract our reality! Therefore learning to be more emotional aware is foundational for creating our succulent power!
  • Our pathway of feeling gives way to orgasm! Therefore FEEL! Feeling more is opening the pathway to orgasm since orgasm is pure feeling based.
  • We created our own affirmations for self-acceptance and read them a loud. Grace explained that accepting where we presently are is the first step to moving forward with our sensual selves.
  • Orgasm is when energy erupts freely. Orgasm is a state of being, not doing.
  • Heart orgasms released blocked feelings in the heart. Blocked feelings in the heart prevent us from living FULLY. Heart Orgasms connect us to infinite loving pleasure.
  • We discussed how to create heart orgasms with Yoni Breathing
  • The throat chakra voices who we are! Moaning out loud ALL of what we feel is a powerful way of living out our inner Goddess!

After learning some of these principles we did a meditation using with Yoni breathing to stimulate and circulate our energy. This was powerful and the exercises were helpful in allowing me to experience the power I carry within. The healing power we all have when we allow ourselves to embrace the Succulent Women we are! I truly recommend that you discover the Goddess within by taking the journey with Graceful Empowerment. She is an awesome teacher and healer. Her energy is divine!! I have awakened into a wonderful world of succulence and embracing the Goddess I am!! I am grateful. I recommend that all women should experience the Succulent Woman Reiki healing Workshops, whether you are looking to better your overall health or become a practitioner, the workshop Grace has organized is filled with love and openness. Grace is a Goddess healer and as intuitive as she is the true essence of beauty!

Orgasmic Intuition

Orgasmic Intuition

graceful empowerment

“You were left with the frequency of the orgasmic experience in sexuality so that you remember your higher identity.”

-Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak

Orgasmic intuition is a sensual meditation that lasts as long as we stay centered in the wisdom of our Womb. Orgasmic intuition is the language of the awakened Goddess. Once we have activated a complete connection between our body, mind, and spirit, either through Yoni breathing or other erotica and spiritual practices, we would have noticed that we feel our inner and outer vibrations more intimately. From this prolific perspective, our energy field is in consistent communion with our Divine Atmosphere and all it’s inhabitants.

Orgasmic intuition flows through us when we fully welcome all sensations to stimulate us to our highest self!

Intuition is the gift of an awakened Yoni. Broadening our scope of sensibility is mutually beneficial in partnership with the Divine. To begin, as a sensually empowered Goddesses our sensitive senses offer us direct access to an array of life that exists. Before we empowered our Goddess energy these delicate frequencies were overlooked. But now our activated energy field allows our sensual to play freely and explore the infinite realms of vibratory light. Depending on how intimately connected we become to our breath, thought, and feelings will determine the maturity of our intuition. When our senses dance organically we naturally experience the present moment, instead of anticipating it. Our intuition is a radiant radar that enhances our perceptibility of the All, and we delight in drinking it all up!

Our Yoni becomes our entire body and auric field!

Using our emotions to navigate blissfully and elegantly with all frequencies is orgasmic power! When we embody the kaleidoscopic beauty of our Yoni, we emit orgasmic frequencies and become a leader in enhancing the mundane, to the Heavenly. Soon we effortlessly arouse others around us with our aura and thus enhance their vibration as well!

Our beautiful Yoni fully feels the vibrating ether and craves to feel nourished by its Spiritual substance. This ether is intelligence of it’s own, waiting to impregnate us with Life! Ether is timeless. The past, present and future are a single unit of experience that engulfs us in the treasure of consciousness. This vibrating intelligence contains all the knowledge and wisdom from every space/time dimension that has ever existed and will ever exist. This includes all the feelings, ideas, and creative thoughts from every life form in the atmosphere. In fact, ether is our universal glue, attaching us all as one beating element. Our Yoni’s intuition helps us harmonically unite with this Divine beat.

Imagine, walking down the street and feeling so much orgasmic pleasure from simply slowing down and gulping up all ethereal juice. Your heart, soul and body can’t help but to release these feelings outward and shine. You radiate so much feeling that others smile at you your mere presence and feel relaxed and reassured. Then if they pass you by, you feel them receive your energy and the intercourse of energetic exchange. Now another person is beating with the Divine simply because of you were honoring your feelings of pleasure. In this example, orgasmic intuition is a form of creation! When we cultivate our orgasmic intuition we manifest these feelings 10 fold and create a Lighter Universe simply from being present within it.

We become weak when we shield ourselves.

Many still consider being sensitive, a weakness. These individuals go even further to believe that having “think skin” is beneficial because they are less impacted by what they shield themselves from. Living shielded is a form of constant fear. We are energetically and emotionally isolated and therefore ignorant and voluntarily deprived. When we develop “thick skin” we actually weaken our sensory perception. When we weaken our sensory perception, we are disabling the very tool needed to live empowered and in tune.

When we grow “thick skin” we not only desensitize our sensory perception but we block our innate feminine wisdom from assessing information that is meant to advance us. Embracing our vulnerability and loving the connections that we create to our environment cultivates acceptance to our reality. We better understand why and how a particular situation may be occurring because we have access to all the factors at hand. This can only happen when our inner vibration loosens its tension, our facial muscles relax and this inner peace is easily expressed.

Orgasmic intuition can be compared to the still and wakeful pond that sits quietly in a deep enchanted forest, surrounded by life everywhere. Although, she herself is fully alive she waters appear to be still yet they are intensely absorbing all vibrations. The slightest touch from a fallen leaf will create ripples throughout her entire body of water. She is totally receptive and aware of her environment because her body is fluid. Density on the other hand cannot express itself in this fashion whatsoever! Intuition needs an avenue of receptivity and becoming like the still and wake pond is the perfect way to develop this orgasmic craft of clairvoyance.

Open wide to the energy that effortlessly pours into you.

Making love to our environment through our breathing units our inner-world and our outer-world in a supernatural way. We begin understanding ourselves through the symbiotic pulsations. As women our physiology is built to receive! We possess an extraordinary receptor: our Yoni. Our Yoni or Cosmic Life House enjoys the experience of being fully penetrated in it’s most sensitive of areas. The pleasure from being impacted births not only high quality orgasm but also nourishes our intuitive receptors or nervous system. Our intuitive intelligence is solely based on the communication from our Yoni and environment. Any obstructions that detour this avenue of communication blocks our orgasmic intuition.

Honoring the beauty of penetration is the foundational to cultivating tantric telepathy!

On this journey of orgasmic intuition, we will discover that there is a lot we have been missing out from. At times, others will not understand the value we place our emotions and may label us as weak or too sensitive; these are really regards affirming your developing power. Perhaps this individual is for once witnessing true freedom in another and is resentful of the imprisonment they have placed on themselves. It is natural to become stirred up when we grasp the richness that life always offers. In these opportunities it is best to stay conscious of the purpose of your journey and extend gratitude to those who witness our power. While continuing being an example of the orgasmic empowerment others will naturally be drawn to you, as you have become a source of wealth and light.

Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation

graceful empowerment

Our former Female Ejaculation class was the 3rd workshop of its kind! All the women in this workshop series have been together through numerous workshops prior just to get to this point, and what a climatic journey it has been! During our weekly conference call, prior to the workshop, I requested the girls to bring a large towel, their Yoni Journal, their Jade Eggs and an open spirit. Everything else would be provided to them.

As we gathered for Sunday sister-fellowship (our 4th workshop of The Abundant Woman Series) I could feel everyone’s excitement. The anticipation would help our ejaculate fluid (“liquor vitae” in Italian) build up for sure! Sitting in our sacred sister circle I began this workshop like each one, with juicy introspective questions. I started asking the girls questions about their specific views and understanding of female ejaculation…and the crickets began chirping! Not a single response! So I decided to break the ice with some affirmations that reflected our goals and personal objectives as a reminder of why we were there. We busted our sage sticks out and began affirming, chanting, and smudging one another until our energy settled and we could indulge in intimate conversation.

Our eye opening discussion lead us to our first demonstration…me showing them step-by-step how to massage their prostate gland (better known as our g-spot) on my very own Yoni. My mirror was right in front of me and after showing them mine, we passed the mirror around and observed each other’s g-spot. Once we knew how to locate it and what it looked like we began the next exercise, measuring our pelvic muscle strength. This is an important step, as PC strength enables better squirting control! I got this juicy idea from Deborah Sundahl’s book, Female Ejaculation & The G-spot. It is to use a ripe banana and attempt to chop it in half using our PC strength only. So again, I demonstrated this and we all grabbed our fruits and began inserting them with Yoni inhales. We probably laughed the entire time since it seemed the bananas weren’t ripe enough!

Next came time to really get our fire pulsing. To bring their wild side out, I played jungle music as we did 2 minutes of Yoni-Fire-Breathing, which was enough to have us vibrating with rushes of orgasmic sensation. It was like an immediate transition into the realm of Kundalini energy! So it was the perfect time to channel this sexual energy into visualization and meditation. We laid with our back on the floor and our legs open and our knees bent. We were charged to move this energy into manifestation. So I told them to fantasize of a magical place and to focus their exhale intently as it would represent the power of their squirt. We inhaled deeply (Yoni Breathing) and impregnated ourselves with as much divine light as possible, then we held our breath while squeezing our Yoni tightly, and then during the exhale we released our breath and relaxed our Yoni muscles while visualizing our feminine fountain pouring out! This practice was heavenly as our exhales became moans and we felt that we were controlling our squirt by controlling our exhale!

Then we were ready to birth our vital life fluids!

I had a batch of cucumbers ready to go as our g-spot instrument. We peeled them into the girth size that was most comfortable for us as I explained the beauty of using a cucumber as a tool of sensual sanitation. Using cucumbers for Yoni hygiene is an ancient practice. It will get you wet, turned on, and clean with it’s slightly acidic juices, as a leaves a fresh aroma behind.

First, we simply massaged our g-spot with our peeled cucumber just to warm her up some more. It is common for the prostate gland to actually have stored tension. This can be due to repressed sexual energy, negative views of sex, or if this spot is not massaged frequently. So we spent a good amount of time simply rubbing this spot with affectionate and compassionate energy. Next, we did some more Yoni Breathing while working the cucumber in rhythm with our breath. On the inhale we would insert the cucumber and squeeze, and on the exhale we would remove the cucumber. We practiced both fast and slow variations of this technique and we immediately saw some results spew out! We had to open our towels up some more just to catch the flying waterfall.

Closing our workshop seemed to happen too fast. We were having immense fun and sister bonding! We grabbed our Yoni Journals and began writing about our new perceptions of female ejaculation. We talked a little about our experience and how we felt with what happened and how excited we were to release any fears we revolving our activity. We closed by chanting OM and relaxing into our evening’s departure.

MEN’S Sexual Empowerment

MEN’S Sexual Empowerment


graceful empowerment

“The first and most important task of any self-cultivator, regardless of his chosen tradition or practice, is to either maintain or revitalize his health. Good health is rooted in a person’s sexual energy and capabilities. This does not mean that a person must be sexual to be in good health, by that each person is designed biologically to be sexual and the very fabric of our physical well-being is based on our ability to be sexually active.”

The Sexual Teaching of the Jade Dragon
-Hsí Laí

“When man understands his anatomy, he can learn how to take advantage of his best traits. Feeling self-assured about his penis affects just about everything he does. When a man accepts himself for who he is and discovers there are several things beyond size that can make him a good lover, he can develop his sexual skills in much more fulfilling ways. Most importantly, he must go beyond his own gratification and use his natural abilities to improve the quality of his love skills.”

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka
Amara Charles

Similar to women’s sexual empowerment, men must realize that their power lies in consciously circulating their lingam’s energy to their entire body, including their etherial body (auric space) as it is pungent with regenerative power. Penis power can be practiced in many ways, and the most foundational is through deep breathing to the lingam and sperm retention. There are an infinite amount of benefits that can spiral from a man’s rooted lingam power. If we break down the benefits into four parts (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) then it is easier to understand the necessity for men’s sexual empowerment!

Greater enlightenment awaits when both men and women become sexually empowered!

Physical Benefits

We can use our libido to measure our physical health. Cultivating a sexually empowering lifestyle allows a man’s ching (sexual energy) to last longer meaning his erections and overall stamina will surplus. This stamina is not limited to sexual activity but is a boosted energy that is carried throughout life. Men who physically benefit form sexual empowerment will never need medication to achieve erection even when they become significantly older because their body’s channels are use to circulating more blood flow to the penis, which is what creates an erection.

Sperm retention empowers a man physical body. When a man learns to preserve his seed or ejaculation he can now circulate the restorative power of his seed to his vital life organs, which is what heals and repairs him. After practicing sperm retention over time his body can now orgasm freely without ejaculation. He can now enjoy the freedom of soaring higher sexually due to his lingam discipline.

Because men have not empowered their sexuality through sperm retention, women have had to carry the burden of harming their bodies through pregnancy pills, which reduce their libido, increase anxiety and disconnect them from their greater sensibility. Women who feel safe with a man who she knows has penis control is not concerned about pregnancy and can therefore let go sexually more.

Mental Benefits

Once a man has become sexually disciplined and can control his ejaculation his will power will increase. His will power will enhance his mental stamina as well so he can create grounded decisions and be more focused on his missions in life. Women who are sexually empowered will naturally work harder to experience your seed as she may be testing you to measure your strength and endurance. Allow her erotic energy to stimulate and strengthen him more by now giving up.

Conserving his seed as oppose to ejaculating creates habits of discipline and control over his base chakras (survival, sexuality, and will power). Becoming attentively focused on his partner’s energy will allow his to guide her more efficiently into orgasmic ecstasy. Also placing his attention solely on his partner removes the attention from his penis’s desire to ejaculate. If he prematurely ejaculates his partner cannot grow sexually, as ejaculation causes a man’s energy to dramatically plummet, causing all erotic play to stop.

Emotional Benefits

Men who have penis control realize that they also have emotional control. Conversely, men who practice sperm retention allow their female partner to open up deeper emotionally and release more sexually. Over time she becomes more sensually awakened and orgasmic because now she can progress deeper within the sensations and flow with greater power. He can now follow her increasing sexual expansion and direct his penis with better accuracy. He is now learning to stay focused and centered in his lingam.

Lack of emotional will power reflects a man’s inability to manifest his goals because his sacral chakra (emotional center) is excessively indulgent and the energy is not being directed and is unconsciously dispersed. Constant ejaculation promotes emotional indulgence and does not strengthen his endurance level for sexual union. Men in this category often become overwhelmed by a woman’s sexual intensity and become insecure, intimated, or shut down altogether, making substantive connection harder to achieve.

Spiritual Benefits

Once a man is totally empowered in his lingam he is able to follow his sexual energy into deeper enlightenment of self, partnership and Universal wisdom. Being this grounded allows his lingam to be centered on optimizing the sexual experience while his consciousness soars with his partners in union. It is easier to cultivate more authentic and harmonious relationships when he can trust his Spirit into the deeper truths of his sexuality.

Trusting our sexual energy to guide us spiritually allows us to dance eloquently during sexual play. Our intuitive faculties become stronger and we effortlessly glide symbiotically as one. Our partner’s energy becomes ours and we intertwine with open hearts and ascend higher in love, acceptance, and gratitude. We receive and give abundantly to our partner and experience sexual and spiritual abundance as our energetic channels (nadis) open more and allow greater flow to channel through.

Healing Period Pain

Healing Period Pain

graceful empowerment

Since practicing how to properly use my orgasmic energy for illumination, I experience way lighter periods and less pain! Plus, I can now get the true benefit of this intensely sensitive time (more on this throughout the reading). The day my period arrives is my most sensitive day. On these sensitive days I have learned the benefit of consciously directing the sensations to soothe cramps, emotional swings, etc.. or else those sensations easily become uncomfortable.

Women who value their sensitive nature will always be more connected to the intricacies that occur during their menese. This is because when we use our consciousness more keenly we feel the energy more intimately. Our periods are no exception, and this deeper consciousness actually is the catalyst to menstrual enlightenment.

Our period is a delicate process that requires our conscious assistance.

This previous cycle I received my beloved period pains during a jazz concert where I was accompanied by three gentlemen, one of whom was my partner. During the concert I was fortunate enough to be sitting in a corner seat where it was favorably dark. It was an optimal location because I had to get extra vulnerable with myself to induce the proper care I knew I needed. I unbuttoned my pants so I would not have any contractions on my womb area, and then began gently moving the palm of my right hand clockwise around my belly. These simple strokes immediately helped me to transfer the pain into pleasure! I was really grounding the energy into an alternative sensation that was more desirable. I could tell I had so much energy circulating inside my womb, it was actually feeling orgasmic. I was amazed at how such a simple method created a space for inner serenity.

I continued to enjoy the concert while oscillating my right palm over my womb and I realized my back posture fixed itsef to a 125 degree angle, which gave my womb more surface space to breathe. I noticed while applying these practicle techniques that my breathing got extra deep and sensual. These were my hormones, estrogen and progestrone soothing me into bliss. I also began exhaling the sensations from a deeper place, which felt like I was purging the pains out. Again fortunately, I was in a concert where I knew I could not make anyone feel too uncomfortable because no one could hear me, although I would have not let this be a threat to the care I needed.

We must value our care over the potential insecurities of others!

Don’t be shy…

Infuse love into your most sensitive places!

I am blessed to have attracted a partner who embraces my period sensitivities as an optimal time for love making. This has truly become a monthly medicine for the both of us! I have become introduced to the power of menstrual orgasms as another form of women’s empowerment! How amazing is it that we get to have a few days out of the month where we are extra sensitive and orgasmic. Plus, the shape of the phallus’s head helps to gently scrape out our period fluids, creating shorter periods.

During my menstrual seasons I have experienced some of the most earth shattering orgasms! These orgasms are those that I feel the most because my Yoni is ultra receptive. These orgasms are more of like orgasmic implosions, rather than explosions. My body shivers with soft ripples of loving energy that helps me to feel the pleasure of my pain.

Our feminine vehicle houses an immense amount of energetic potential!

Depending on how we choose to experience this energy will shape the sensations we feel.

Embrace Your Emotions!

This previous period I noticed I was exceptionally emotional. I have learned on this journey of feminine empowerment that I receive my biggest lessons when I embrace my emotions. As oppose to suppressing my emotions to fit into a patriarchal culture that is still attempting to understand femininity and emotions. Embracing our emotions does not mean we have the right to be selfish, but self-centered with our feelings. Being self-centered with what we feel, especially during our menses is a vital component to an enlightened period. Being emotionally consciousness blossoms unique clairvoyance and self-empowerment.

I found myself crying four times the day my period arrived. I felt myself naturally pulling the outside world inward in a warm and maternal way. I was receiving messages through a simple conversation or a unique stare and it was ultra penetrating to my soul. I would cry at the meaning of all these messages. These sensations are what reminds us of how special we are as women. Our periods offer us elaborate experiences, that to shun them away is a catastrophe.

How can you begin honoring your magical time of month?

Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal Atrophy

graceful empowerment

I returned recently from an event hosted by the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) in Scottsdale, AZ. This conference was held in conjunction with the Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR) where physicians, gynecologists, pelvic floor therapists, sex therapists, urologists, and more professionals came together to present a smorgasbord of clinical information regarding women’s sexual health.

Among the many award winning presentations, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, gave a lecture about the common practices that lead to vaginal atrophy. Dr. Goldstein is now President of The Institute for Sexual Medicine, Inc., and a 2009 winner of the Gold Medal awarded by the World Association for Sexual Health in recognition of his lifetime contributions to the field. I will be summarizing my interpretation of Dr. Goldstein’s presentation regarding the hormonal consequences of birth control pills and how it effects women’s sexual health.

During the ISSWSH conference Dr. Goldstein shared an informative presentation regarding the effects of birth control pills. First, there are actually 3 types of categories that create the Yoni: vulva (exterior portion), vagina (interior portion or canal), and the vestibule, the delicate and pink tissue that connects the vulva and vagina. “Taking birth control pills over time contributes to a woman’s vestibule atrophy” stated Dr. Goldstein. The vestibule of a woman involves her clitoris, labia, and the glands that make vaginal mucus. Estrogen, although a dominant player is not the only major hormonal moderator of women’s sexual health.

According to Dr. Goldstein, testosterone continues to be inadequately appreciated as a female ally compared to estrogen. Here is why: birth control pills cause a process resulting in (1) significantly lower testosterone in vestibular tissue, (2) atrophy of vestibular muscle, (3) diminished blood flow to the vagina, (4) atrophy of the nerves that cause women to feel genital pleasure, and (5) lower sexual desire. For these reasons, the degree of loss of sexual desire correlates strongly with diminished testosterone levels in women. Doctors must tell women that birth control pills “ throw them into a low testosterone state 100% of the time.”

In order to further understand women’s sexual health, Dr. Goldstein measured women’s sex hormone-binding globulin (responsible for binding androgens and estrogen) in those women who were using birth control pills and those who were not. What he found was those who were taking birth control pills had significant size decrease in their clitoris, g-spot (or prostate gland) and labia! Dr. Goldstein later stated that by “simply looking at the size of the clitoris,” or measuring it to the head of a q-tip, “I could determine if a woman was using birth control pills or not,” even in women as young as 16! He also added that the use of birth control pills contributes to bone disease, depression, and less sexual interest.

Therefore, Dr. Goldstein urges eliminating the use of birth control pills as the sole solution to avoiding pregnancy. However, if women desire to stop the effects of an atrophied vagina he suggests seeking a testosterone treatment, such as AndroGel from a medical professional. Dr. Goldstein also stated that those women who have undergone the testosterone treatment in his office had a 50-60% success rate, and over the course of 2-3 months this group of women regained their vaginal tissue.

Similarly to birth control pills, another over looked behavior that contributes to vaginal atrophy is cycling. As Dr. Goldstein stated in his ISSWSH presentation, cycling while pressing the clitoris against the head of the bike’s seat and pressing our body’s weight firmly against it causes the nerve endings in our clitoris to be ruptured. Again, with damaged nerve ending either through atrophy or excessive pressure on the vaginal tissue can radically impact a woman’s sensation to pleasure and decrease blood circulation, impacting her desire for sexual pleasure.

After returning from the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) I am fully convinced that a woman’s health relies on her sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. Most women consider being fully sexual or embracing their sexual pleasure as deviant, when in fact it contributes to their longevity. Among the many pioneers in sexual medicine, Dr. Goldstein, a urologist from McGill University and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine discussed how the effects of birth control pills and cycling negatively impact a woman’s sexual health.

I am super grateful to have been able to personally listen to all the presenters during this 3 days conference and all of their remarkable information. Women’s sexual health and pleasure is my life’s passion, and I plan on continuing to work towards helping women fully embrace their orgasmic power with honor and enthusiasm

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Being a Goddess!

Being a Goddess!

graceful empowerment

Living actualized, as our Goddess-Self is a returning paradigm from ancient times that is finally being embraced today! Women all over the world are collectively tapping into feminine consciousness in a radical way. Women who have never taken the time to understand their Yoni and its magical power are finally using its energy beneficially. Women who have struggled and suffered to be independent are now surrendering and experiencing relief by embodying their Goddess-Power. Finally, thousands of women are now Yoni Breathing daily and orgasming as part of a healthy living style.

But what does being a Goddess actually mean?

Being a Goddess means our magnetism vibrates high and we are continually connected to Divine Source! Our divine magnetism is not based on our external beauty but our cosmic radiance and how it illuminates the world. This magnetism (or lack thereof) is what literally attracts people and circumstances to us. Our divine magnetism is generated through the value we place on ourselves and the collective Spirit of our biosphere. Cultivating our Goddess-Magnetism requires tremendous care of our Being. Taking care of ourselves allows our energy field to expand with love and self-reverence. When we shine brightly our aura beams without boundary and inspires those who feel it to shine more!

Because of a Goddess’s high vibration, people flock to her to experience her electrifying and soothing presence. A Goddess understands the need of using her power organically and with grace. Utilizing your feminine power in this manner implies that we instinctively flow with the intuitive hunches of our heart. Fortunately, when we begin trusting our Goddess-Instincts our clairvoyant wisdom naturally shines and we effortlessly create optimal scenarios with those who gravitate to us.

Living in accordance to our intuitive Goddess-Power often confronts us with the fear of the feminine and it’s sacred mystery. We may begin experiencing feelings that surface as self-doubt, worry, regret, or skepticism. Yet, persisting beyond these fearful states with the knowingness of ascending higher transmutes any feeling that bounds our empowerment!

Cultivating states of being that contaminate our Goddess-Power compromises our pure and raw energy, which reduces our aura’s receptivity. One frequent form of contamination is self-doubt. Doubt of any kind produces biological toxicity in the body through stress, fear, worry, concern. Constant states that compromise our physical and mental purity obscures our brightness and Goddess glow. Shifting these mental debris from our being requires consistent courage to live wholly and completely as our Goddess Self. Our confidence of Self has the potential to radically shift the world! Confidence of Self transforms us from one unit into a Collective Unit & you live worry-free. We compromise the blissful state that accompanies trusting Self when we fear our organic feminine nature.

Take full advantage of your feminine blessings; your magnetism!

Having people seek you out because they feel a deep presence with you is Goddess Power! Attracting these people with our radiant energy gives us responsibility. Using our emotional awareness as our wisdom helps us use our power righteously. Using our emotional awareness elevates our intuitive senses and we are able to embody the divine qualities of Mother Nature. Mirroring The Great Mother is not something we “try” to do; we exude her when we express our sympathy, grace, care, affection, and love. Goddess power is so natural to experience that it blossoms a spiritual radiance when we cultivate these divine qualities.

You may instinctively be called to touch a person’s shoulder because you feel their need of tender affection; or you may begin smiling at the world because you feel overwhelming gratitude. As a Goddess you know you are a crucial part of this planet’s restoral and you experience joy from being able to provide your unique Goddess imprint.

Expressing yourself as a Goddess initiates the responsibility for the energy you draw in because You choose to cultivate a high vibration! As a Goddess you become more conscious of the quality of energy you project because each stare is magic, each look is vibrant, and each touch is gratifying. Living in our Goddesshood gives us access to infinite amounts of realms for enlightening experiences. Delving deep in these infinite realms will broaden your scope of Self and you will continue to marvel at the complexity of your beauty.

Continue expanding towards your greatest potential. Now that you realize yourself as a Goddess you must remember to use your imagination for designing and sculpting the components of life. Allow life to bow to the waves of energy you send out because these reverberations heal and empower the ground you walk on.

Self-Awareness with Orgasm

Self-Awareness with Orgasm

graceful empowerment

Self-awareness with orgasm is juicy enlightenment and connection to Source Energy. When we understand that orgasm is simply vibration we understand how orgasm expands our consciousness. Our identity is dependent upon the stimulation from our outer reality. Our reality creates scenarios for us to grow. In these scenarios we have the choice to become orgasmic or non-orgasmic. This choosing sculpts how we receive and give our energy. Giving and receiving our energy orgasmically can be awakened from the unfamiliar.

Entering into the realm of the unfamiliar often forces us to deal with the polarities of excitement verses fear. We can choose to emerge in an exciting way or be contained in a fearful way. The depth of the unknown is symbolic to the depth of our Yoni. We can be brave enough to embrace unfamiliar territory in order to awaken orgasmically. Because our Yoni is a microcosm to our macro-reality it can be overwhelming to explore this unknown terrane. That is the beauty of our sacred black-hole…intensity! Learning to ground our Yoni’s intensity is a gift of juicy power. This connection to Self allows us to channel the [juicy] intensity energy with a Spirit of enthusiasm and trust. When embarking on this journey of the unknown with self-trust it allows our Yoni’s natural intelligence to guide us and flourish like rose petals receiving light.

Embracing the unfamiliar begins to water latent seeds we carry. These seeds have the potential to birth a grander version of who we are. Continuously cultivating these seeds is the art and craft of self-discovery through orgasm. These seeds activate parts within ourselves that lay dormant. This imagery is easily seen in the earliest season of a person’s life where they grow the most. This season is when we were all babies! As babies we absorbed, learned, and grew so vastly that we were limitless. Every single thing was brand-new and we possessed no judgment when taking it in the unfamiliar. Possessing this approach in life is what will allow us to flourish from your sacred sensuality as the Goddess that you are!

Experiencing touch as if it is the first time you have experienced it, will naturally give you rushes of pleasure throughout your entire body. Invite this newness with enthusiasm! Your Yoni will then awaken like a rose opening up to the warm sun and your Spirit will be aroused with reverence. Feeling the depth of each moment is what orgasm is all about! Receive the totality of the universe through your mind, body and spirit and know that you are opening up. This level of living activates all our sensual senese. We become evermore refreshed by the notion of eternity as this new way of living broadens our awareness. We will notice as we expand ourselves that a new idea of the infinite arises and are idenity blends with it! Unlimited awareness is what allows us feel the rich depths we within carry.

Orgasm is cleansing. As we cultivate self-awereness with orgasm we automatically begin with a clean slate. Many women who have dedicated themselves to orgasmic-cleansing claim to experience this phenomenon as a rebirth! This rebirth is our initiation into our Goddesshood. This is becuase orgasm acts as the waves of the ocean, washing debris away that may have been on our shore. It is easy, effortless and natural to no longer resonate with the residue that has been cleared away because instead we have reconnected to our pure-self!

Connection is the intercourse of the soul!

Self-awareness with orgasm builds cosmic connection. Connection allows us to experience the truth of who we are and the truth of the other. Whether this “other” is a person or simply the Universe, we begin expanding and sinking deeper into the intimacy of the moment. Being spiritually connected to the source of All, is the intercourse of our soul. When ideas and concepts unify that resonate with us, it merges within our inner being, and reflects the assortments we are comprised of. This is juiciest part of cultivating our spiritual evolution.

What is Orgasm?

What is Orgasm?

Orgasm is relaxing and melting into the moment with intense pleasure.

graceful empowerment

Orgasm is being at one with life’s vibration. Our chest, back and entire persona sticks out, allowing the amount of oxygen we inhale to pleasurably overwhelm us. During orgasm our breathing changes and we may even seem to be gasping for air, but we are not; our body is trying to keep up with the intensity of the moment. In this heightened state our body bonds with the environment in a special way. We feel connected and even blended with these surroundings. The beauty of orgasm is that the experience is different each time, creating new awakenings in our mind, body and spirit.

Orgasm is when the energy in our body vibrates freely.

Allowing this energy to freely expand within requires us to accept our free sensual nature as it naturally comes through. The energy in our body, during an orgasm jolts and vibrates us with moans of music. This energetic expression is naturally wild, expansive, all encompassing, and yearning to be let out! In order to fully embrace our orgasmic expression we must honor it by being fully open and present.

Becoming fully present and drinking up every moment with excitement creates reverberations in our soil. Our perception slows down and we begin to fully taste the succulent aromas that are all around us. We feel caressed by a breeze and invite the wind to tickle our erotica! We begin to extend ourselves beyond our body and realize our channel is open beyond limited physicality.

Orgasm in the modern day world, is experienced usually and only in the vaginal area. However, as sensual beings our whole body is erotic! When our sense of pleasure elevates beyond our genitals, it reaches parts of us that are numb. Orgasm wakes us up! It shakes us and creates music within our Spirit. We begin to see and feel with profound acuity and our whole channel of sensation is electrified!

Orgasm is a state of “being” not “doing”.

A memorable play on words from Conversations with God: “[Orgasm] is a state of “ being” not “ doing”. Retaining judgment, guilt, or shame will profoundly affect our emotional response when we are rising on the plateau of pleasure. We will feel less connection to our partners, our environment, and ourselves because we are literally shutting our channel to pleasure off. Feeling embarrassment to be who we are, retards our self-potential and diminishes our capacity to grow with joy. Shifting from shame to courage and proclaiming our essence is spiritually empowering! This process births vibrations of life within and without our reality.

Experiencing orgasm on a continuous basis is a choice we make with every inhale and exhale we release. When we are entrenched in the moment, we are stimulated. Our exhalation becomes pleasurable, rejoiceful, and full of bliss!

Orgasm is an affirmation of freedom and appreciation.

How is proper breathing correlated to Orgasm?

Breath is life force energy! Life force energy is the vigor required for our mighty orgasms. Every single breath contains an enormous amount of life force energy that is ours for the picking! We have been provided the option of quality living via our quality breathing. Taking in as much life force energy during each inhale is the foundation to creating optimal surges of energy, we call orgasm. Receiving more life force energy begins to augment our capacity and reservoir of internal energy. Soon we are receiving so much energy within each breath that we can erupt at any moment. We prepare our reservoir of internal energy to receive more by being grateful for each breath and receiving it with abundance. Breathing in slowly and deeply not only calms our system but increases the amount of energy we are capable how housing within. Soon our bodily vibration has slowed down and has become keener to the subtle vibrations that are permeating around.

Orgasm thrives from fully feeling any vibration!

Breathing with a conscious awareness during each inhale prepares a stable foundation for conscious orgasms! Being within each breath is being in the moment. Feeling the now during our everyday breathing promotes more self-presence during orgasm. During orgasm we are breathing deeply and feeling each moment for the stimulation it brings. Therefore, inhaling as deep, slow, and often as possible begins creating this place within ourselves.

Teen Sex

Teen Sex

graceful empowerment

“Curiosity is the hunger to know. When moments of innocent wonder are encouraged, we have more and more questions. What kinds of things do we find fascinating? What escapes our grasp? The things that attract us tug at our minds and tempt us to find out more. Discouraging the desire to investigate leads to boredom, dullness, and rebellion later on.”

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka
-Amara Charles

Sexuality is a huge topic of debate regarding how to properly, appropriately, yet pleasurably express sexual energy. However our society creates a stigma revolving sexual conduct, such as women who are sexually comfortable are deviant or even whores. But does classifying sexual comfort or confidence as “deviant” truly mean that a persona is behaving abnormal, strange, dangerous or unnatural? According to Women’sDay Magazine, only 20% of women in our American society orgasm (and more than likely is merely clitoral, as oppose to vaginal or full body), a scientifically proven medicine for the mind body and soul.

Can our society accurately speculate what is deviant sexual behavior if statistics indicate that even orgasm is deviant (outlaying behavior)? Further, can sexually deviant behavior be a way to break free from sexual repression? I was challenged with these questions as more younger women begin exploring their sexual empowerment. I will be specifically examining female teen sex as deviant.

According to Deviant Behavior, more teens are becoming sexually active at a younger age in comparison to the past two decades. Teen pregnancy and STD’s are the biggest concerns with this age group. Therefore, the two western schools of thought that have risen in order to tame teen sex are abstinence and contraceptive awareness.

It can be argued that by the age of 18 women and men are at their height of hormonal sexual development and learning to safely and conscious direct their sexual energy is needed most during these years (as oppose to abstinence). I have personally always been fond of ancient eastern sexual traditions such as Kama Sutra, a Hindu practice and Tantra, a Taoist practice, which trains (even teenagers) sexual wisdom with hands-on application.

It appears that abstinence and contraceptive awareness lead the way with sexual education in high schools because we ourselves do not really know sexual wisdom and therefore cannot teach it, or know the value of it. Perhaps this is why teen sex is still taboo and considered deviant, when in fact it can be argued to be the most natural behavior at that age.

Perhaps if teen sex was practiced with the objective of learning honor and reverence for the phenomenon of the human body it would serve to inspire the sacredness of sex. Therefore, if our teens were actually learning how to have empowering and fulfilling sexual encounters with one another, as oppose to today’s shameful sex, they will not take that shame into their later years like some of us have. Further, maybe our teens could learn the art of respect for both their body’s and the body of their partner.

However, this brings up the question, who will teach teens sexual honor, respect, and proper development? In many Tantra and Kama Sutra traditions it is an older mentor who is chosen by the family to initiate the teen into sexual maturity. The sexual teachings are then practiced in a ritualized manner in order to instill a gentle gateway into the sexual realm. According to The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress, the Jade Dragon, an older, experienced, and enlightened male mentor sexually initiates his younger female mentee to carry the wisdom of refined sexuality. According to this book, STD’s and undesired pregnancies are less common when practicing the Tao of sexuality. (The Sexual teaching of the White Tigress, page 134-37).

Teen sex is a vast subject of scrutiny regarding how to properly, appropriately, yet pleasurably express sexual energy and at what age to do so. Because pregnancy and STD’s are an existing social concern, abstinence and contraceptive awareness lead the way in Western culture with controlling teen sex. However, as Deviant Behavior indicates, teen sex is becoming more popular and new schools of thought are rising in order to properly establish the highest protocols for dealing with this recurring phenomenon of teen sex.