Reiki Workshop

Reiki Workshop

graceful empowerment

Here is a concept I haven’t considered: Reiki Energy vs. Orgasmic Energy? These are ultimately two different genres of energy. Yet they both deal with how we express energy.

We are learning how to embrace our bodies and project healing energy from within. While we share personal experiences, Grace discusses the Jade Egg in order to enrich our understanding of maintaining whole body health. Jade’s super absorbent energy is similar to the receptivity of our yoni (vagina’s). Using this vaginal weight regularly restores not only vaginal elasticity but helps regain awareness of vaginal control for the help of life’s many important occasions.

All of the ladies here are looking forward to progressing and becoming more emotionally conscious to open the door to this orgasmic expression. We are all new to this experience, except one woman who is already a level 2 Reiki Practitioner. We are all purposefully sharing our stories to help activate our goals of sensual healing and enlightenment. In this process we are discovering that being vulnerable and comfortable with the sensations of energy makes it easier to express our own energy. Being a open vessel for energy to surge through us is the first step for Reiki Projection.

Reiki Treatments

  • Promote relaxation and reduces stress.
  • Helps cleanse the body of toxins
  • Reiki can be used for earth healing and a tool to help others
  • Because Reiki is intuitively based, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to project Reiki energy

Teachings of Level 1 Reiki

  • Opening up to Life Force Energy
  • Becoming receptive to feeling the subtleties of energy
  • How to breathe through the palms of the hands
  • The different hand positions for a formal Reiki treatment
  • Learning the language of energy
  • Feeling what type of energy is best project depending on what we feel
  • How to perceive the chakras in the body for optimal energy projection

As I share this journey through my blog, I began to become interested in my own personal journey…

I was a little unsure what the journey would entail, but I was excited to learn as Grace welcomed into the group to document the experience. I was there as and observer, who quickly became absorbed into the exercises. My energy of love was attracted to the beauty of healing and opening up to life force energy. I participated in several exercises feeling the language of energy and using my healing abilities. I partnered up with a young lady who was expecting her first child. We practiced a breathing exercise where the young mother to be was the giver of energy and I was the receiver. This entailed me to allow the giver to inhale as much of the universal energy into her crown chakra and exhale out of her palms, with my palms directly across from hers, I then inhaled the energy she sent to me through my palms and exhaled out of my crown chakra sending into the universe. This was amazing!! While sitting and receiving her energy I was filled with visualization of seeing the colors orange and red. This was exciting and a beautiful projection as I was able to feel the maternal glow of the young mother to be. We then exchanged positions where I became the giver and she the receiver. The experience was unreal and awesome to share!

The Reiki Attunement

As we are stretching out and preparing for the Reiki attunement, I am reaching a level of excitement to see what is to come! Grace gives the ladies their Jade Egg so they can have their energy with them during the Reiki attunement. Everyone sits with their backs facing one another in pray pose with our palms in front of our hearts. We rove all over jewelry since metal detours energy. We are asked to meditate for 15 mins with the Jade Eggs placed right in front of us on our yoga mat. As we meditate Grace prepares herself energetically for the Reiki initiation. This is our final step into becoming a Reiki practitioner, how exciting!!

The Succulent Woman Workshop

After the Reiki attunement we break for lunch and anticipate our Succulent Woman Workshop! Once we resume Grace gives us The Succulent Woman packet that she has designed for optimal growth into the Sensual Realm of Enlightenment! This packet contains a major amount of information for orgasmic enhancement, the health benefits of orgasm and exercises for the different Yoni breathing, pelvic, and Kundalini practices. The packet contains exercises for daily use for creating and living an orgasmic lifestyle.

After reading a few chapters of The Succulent Woman packet Grace pauses us to do some Yoni Breathing. We close our eyes and begin inhaling as deep as we can into our vaginal area. While holding our PC muscles tight and all let go of our breath and Yoni grip simultaneously and let out a big, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This experience was beautiful. As my eyes were closed I saw green, yellow and orange colors. Upon my inhale, green was the dominate color but as I held my breath the colors yellow and orange blended into the green color. I felt warm with love and an eagerness to stay in this beautiful array of colors. I was fascinated to learn more! We learned that feminine succulence is the preservation of our energy. Preserving our energy is restoring our energy, which is what creates our healing! Because many woman do not preserve their energy their vitality suffers and illness and imbalance is at a greater risk.

Our Yin energy/feminine energy became our next topic as we continue to read and understand our feminine power. One of the ladies began to feel ill, so at that time Grace thought it would be a great idea to send our Reiki energy to the young lady to bring about healing. It was interesting for me to watch as the ladies close their eyes and extended their hands towards the young lady in pain. Grace and the other two ladies began to breathe in deeply, hold the breath as they tightened their Yonis and then exhaled with a moan. We visualized the energy going into her womb and bringing about balance. After doing this 4 times, the young lady sprung up with her face glowing with relief. She smiled and was amazed as to how the pain was gone and the healing treatment worked! I was amazed too! The energy power was tremendous and great to see in action. I was totally convinced that I must share this with others and become a practitioner.

Highlights from our Succulent Woman Workshop

  • Our emotions attract our reality! Therefore learning to be more emotional aware is foundational for creating our succulent power!
  • Our pathway of feeling gives way to orgasm! Therefore FEEL! Feeling more is opening the pathway to orgasm since orgasm is pure feeling based.
  • We created our own affirmations for self-acceptance and read them a loud. Grace explained that accepting where we presently are is the first step to moving forward with our sensual selves.
  • Orgasm is when energy erupts freely. Orgasm is a state of being, not doing.
  • Heart orgasms released blocked feelings in the heart. Blocked feelings in the heart prevent us from living FULLY. Heart Orgasms connect us to infinite loving pleasure.
  • We discussed how to create heart orgasms with Yoni Breathing
  • The throat chakra voices who we are! Moaning out loud ALL of what we feel is a powerful way of living out our inner Goddess!

After learning some of these principles we did a meditation using with Yoni breathing to stimulate and circulate our energy. This was powerful and the exercises were helpful in allowing me to experience the power I carry within. The healing power we all have when we allow ourselves to embrace the Succulent Women we are! I truly recommend that you discover the Goddess within by taking the journey with Graceful Empowerment. She is an awesome teacher and healer. Her energy is divine!! I have awakened into a wonderful world of succulence and embracing the Goddess I am!! I am grateful. I recommend that all women should experience the Succulent Woman Reiki healing Workshops, whether you are looking to better your overall health or become a practitioner, the workshop Grace has organized is filled with love and openness. Grace is a Goddess healer and as intuitive as she is the true essence of beauty!