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Women’s Workshops

Do you desire rich connection & orgasmic bliss?

Many women do and it is the cause of many physical illness, vaginal atrophy, and unfulfillment. Restoring our health, beauty, body and mind can actually be achieved when our body is circulating our life force of orgasmic energy. This happens when our body opens up and begins releasing healthy immune boosting hormones and balancing our internal alchemy. There is a reason why pleasure feels so good and it is an opportunity we can take advantage of. Not only will our personal wellbeing enhance, but so will our relationships!

We desire to share…

  • Techniques that will strengthen your spiritual and physical vitality.
  • Orgasmic exercises that empower your feminine growth.
  • Alternatives to healing and releasing trauma.
  • A sisterhood environment that supports you on your journey.

Our women’s workshops are centered in the sacred practice of empowering our Yoni’s wellness. We use ancient Eastern exercises as the foundation to learning how to sensually awaken our Divine Feminine! Continuously applying these powerful techniques to our daily lives has shown to neutralize mental and physical imbalances while boosting a sense of Spiritual Connection! We hope you join us today…