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Training Course

This is our wholesale training course for men or women who desire to sell Yoni Eggs with confidence and with the understanding of how to extend Yoni Egg wisdom to others. This training course provides the following items for any Yoni Egg Option:

  • A Yoni Egg Sellers Guide Manual (free)
  • 2 Exclusive YouTube videos for selling Yoni Eggs (free)
  • Two 90 min group teleconferences (free)
  • Brochures for your clients (free)
  • GIA Identification Reports for each Yoni Egg (free)
  • Silk baggies for each Yoni Egg  (free)
  • Organic hemp string for drilled eggs (free)

When purchasing Yoni Eggs from our company this means you are you’re own boss and will make your own decisions on how to conduct your own Yoni Egg business. Yet, our best suggestion is to participate in our Wholesale Training Course which offers the following:

  1. A complete book on “The Yoni Egg Manual”
  2. 90 min training conference with Grace
  3. 50% OFF all webinar or workshops in order to learn how to conduct your own seminars.

We want all women to take advantage of this opportunity!!

Start your own Yoni Egg business today.

80 Yoni Eggs or More for 60% OFF – Down Payment

30 Yoni Eggs or More for 50% OFF – Down Payment

20 Yoni Eggs or More for 40% OFF – Down Payment

10 Yoni Eggs or More for 30% OFF – Down Payment

The Yoni Egg Manual – Comes FREE with every wholesale order

The Yoni Egg Manual is a book of information that goes over the step-by-step use of any Yoni Egg. This book is for beginners and advanced Yoni Egg practitioners. This book contains information such as: what results to expect from using the Yoni Egg; the different stages of development; how the Yoni Egg affects our menstrual cycle; and becoming orgasmically awakened. The Yoni Egg Manual is ONLY offered with WholeSale purchasing. Our this manual includes chapters such as:

  • What is a Yoni?
  • What is a Yoni Egg?
  • How to properly clean my Yoni Eggs?
  • How to energetically charge my Yoni Egg?
  • What are the Spiritual affects of the Yoni Egg?
  • Which intentions correlate to which Yoni Crystal?
  • How do I use my Yoni Egg for Feminine Cultivation?
  • How will the Yoni Egg affect my Menstrual Cycle?
  • How do the Moon Phases correlate to my Yoni Egg practice?
  • How will the Yoni Egg affect my Orgasmic Energy?
  • How can I use the Yoni Egg to cleanse my Womb?
  • What qualities determine a Beginner’s Yoni Egg?
  • What qualities determine an Advanced Yoni Egg?
  • Why is it important to ensure the quality of my Yoni Egg?
  • What are some reliable statistics I can consult with regarding Yoni Eggs?


Our 60-90 minute teleconference will provide each participant an opportunity to ask questions and engage with the other women in the course. This allows the group of women to expand their awareness of the Yoni Egg wisdom and share what their personal goals are for selling Yoni Eggs. This time also offers a one hour discourse of the highlights of the Yoni Egg Manual and the exclusive YouTube videos. The Youtube videos will summarize the suggested step-by-step approach for initiating a beginner into an advanced Yoni Egg practitioner.

Yoni Egg Brochures

Each registered participant of the course will receive Yoni Egg brochures, which describe in detail how to use a Yoni Egg optimally. These brochures are intended to be distributed to those women or men who will be interested in purchasing Yoni Eggs. Each participant will also receive silk baggies for each Yoni Egg, along with organic hemp string for advanced drilled egg usage. Further, each package will have GIA (Gemologist Institute of America) identification reports which demonstrate the quality and authenticity of reach Yoni Egg. Offering GIA reports to those women who purchased Yoni Eggs form you offers you unique credibility with your Yoni Eggs along with ensuring the safety of each Yoni stone.


All men and women who desire to be part of the fast growing paradigm of the Yoni Egg are welcomed to join this course. It is not required for any participant to be using Yoni Eggs before or after this course.

  • Payment plans can be arranged upon request.
  • Each package will come with a Yoni Egg Sellers Guide Manual, brochures for your clients, organic hemp string for each drilled Yoni Egg, GIA Identification Report and organza pouch for each Yoni Egg.
  • Allow 1 week for Shipping
  • Exchanges are permitted before shipment
  • Refunds are not available