Teen Sex

Teen Sex

graceful empowerment

“Curiosity is the hunger to know. When moments of innocent wonder are encouraged, we have more and more questions. What kinds of things do we find fascinating? What escapes our grasp? The things that attract us tug at our minds and tempt us to find out more. Discouraging the desire to investigate leads to boredom, dullness, and rebellion later on.”

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka
-Amara Charles

Sexuality is a huge topic of debate regarding how to properly, appropriately, yet pleasurably express sexual energy. However our society creates a stigma revolving sexual conduct, such as women who are sexually comfortable are deviant or even whores. But does classifying sexual comfort or confidence as “deviant” truly mean that a persona is behaving abnormal, strange, dangerous or unnatural? According to Women’sDay Magazine, only 20% of women in our American society orgasm (and more than likely is merely clitoral, as oppose to vaginal or full body), a scientifically proven medicine for the mind body and soul.

Can our society accurately speculate what is deviant sexual behavior if statistics indicate that even orgasm is deviant (outlaying behavior)? Further, can sexually deviant behavior be a way to break free from sexual repression? I was challenged with these questions as more younger women begin exploring their sexual empowerment. I will be specifically examining female teen sex as deviant.

According to Deviant Behavior, more teens are becoming sexually active at a younger age in comparison to the past two decades. Teen pregnancy and STD’s are the biggest concerns with this age group. Therefore, the two western schools of thought that have risen in order to tame teen sex are abstinence and contraceptive awareness.

It can be argued that by the age of 18 women and men are at their height of hormonal sexual development and learning to safely and conscious direct their sexual energy is needed most during these years (as oppose to abstinence). I have personally always been fond of ancient eastern sexual traditions such as Kama Sutra, a Hindu practice and Tantra, a Taoist practice, which trains (even teenagers) sexual wisdom with hands-on application.

It appears that abstinence and contraceptive awareness lead the way with sexual education in high schools because we ourselves do not really know sexual wisdom and therefore cannot teach it, or know the value of it. Perhaps this is why teen sex is still taboo and considered deviant, when in fact it can be argued to be the most natural behavior at that age.

Perhaps if teen sex was practiced with the objective of learning honor and reverence for the phenomenon of the human body it would serve to inspire the sacredness of sex. Therefore, if our teens were actually learning how to have empowering and fulfilling sexual encounters with one another, as oppose to today’s shameful sex, they will not take that shame into their later years like some of us have. Further, maybe our teens could learn the art of respect for both their body’s and the body of their partner.

However, this brings up the question, who will teach teens sexual honor, respect, and proper development? In many Tantra and Kama Sutra traditions it is an older mentor who is chosen by the family to initiate the teen into sexual maturity. The sexual teachings are then practiced in a ritualized manner in order to instill a gentle gateway into the sexual realm. According to The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress, the Jade Dragon, an older, experienced, and enlightened male mentor sexually initiates his younger female mentee to carry the wisdom of refined sexuality. According to this book, STD’s and undesired pregnancies are less common when practicing the Tao of sexuality. (The Sexual teaching of the White Tigress, page 134-37).

Teen sex is a vast subject of scrutiny regarding how to properly, appropriately, yet pleasurably express sexual energy and at what age to do so. Because pregnancy and STD’s are an existing social concern, abstinence and contraceptive awareness lead the way in Western culture with controlling teen sex. However, as Deviant Behavior indicates, teen sex is becoming more popular and new schools of thought are rising in order to properly establish the highest protocols for dealing with this recurring phenomenon of teen sex.