What is Orgasm?

What is Orgasm?

Orgasm is relaxing and melting into the moment with intense pleasure.

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Orgasm is being at one with life’s vibration. Our chest, back and entire persona sticks out, allowing the amount of oxygen we inhale to pleasurably overwhelm us. During orgasm our breathing changes and we may even seem to be gasping for air, but we are not; our body is trying to keep up with the intensity of the moment. In this heightened state our body bonds with the environment in a special way. We feel connected and even blended with these surroundings. The beauty of orgasm is that the experience is different each time, creating new awakenings in our mind, body and spirit.

Orgasm is when the energy in our body vibrates freely.

Allowing this energy to freely expand within requires us to accept our free sensual nature as it naturally comes through. The energy in our body, during an orgasm jolts and vibrates us with moans of music. This energetic expression is naturally wild, expansive, all encompassing, and yearning to be let out! In order to fully embrace our orgasmic expression we must honor it by being fully open and present.

Becoming fully present and drinking up every moment with excitement creates reverberations in our soil. Our perception slows down and we begin to fully taste the succulent aromas that are all around us. We feel caressed by a breeze and invite the wind to tickle our erotica! We begin to extend ourselves beyond our body and realize our channel is open beyond limited physicality.

Orgasm in the modern day world, is experienced usually and only in the vaginal area. However, as sensual beings our whole body is erotic! When our sense of pleasure elevates beyond our genitals, it reaches parts of us that are numb. Orgasm wakes us up! It shakes us and creates music within our Spirit. We begin to see and feel with profound acuity and our whole channel of sensation is electrified!

Orgasm is a state of “being” not “doing”.

A memorable play on words from Conversations with God: “[Orgasm] is a state of “ being” not “ doing”. Retaining judgment, guilt, or shame will profoundly affect our emotional response when we are rising on the plateau of pleasure. We will feel less connection to our partners, our environment, and ourselves because we are literally shutting our channel to pleasure off. Feeling embarrassment to be who we are, retards our self-potential and diminishes our capacity to grow with joy. Shifting from shame to courage and proclaiming our essence is spiritually empowering! This process births vibrations of life within and without our reality.

Experiencing orgasm on a continuous basis is a choice we make with every inhale and exhale we release. When we are entrenched in the moment, we are stimulated. Our exhalation becomes pleasurable, rejoiceful, and full of bliss!

Orgasm is an affirmation of freedom and appreciation.

How is proper breathing correlated to Orgasm?

Breath is life force energy! Life force energy is the vigor required for our mighty orgasms. Every single breath contains an enormous amount of life force energy that is ours for the picking! We have been provided the option of quality living via our quality breathing. Taking in as much life force energy during each inhale is the foundation to creating optimal surges of energy, we call orgasm. Receiving more life force energy begins to augment our capacity and reservoir of internal energy. Soon we are receiving so much energy within each breath that we can erupt at any moment. We prepare our reservoir of internal energy to receive more by being grateful for each breath and receiving it with abundance. Breathing in slowly and deeply not only calms our system but increases the amount of energy we are capable how housing within. Soon our bodily vibration has slowed down and has become keener to the subtle vibrations that are permeating around.

Orgasm thrives from fully feeling any vibration!

Breathing with a conscious awareness during each inhale prepares a stable foundation for conscious orgasms! Being within each breath is being in the moment. Feeling the now during our everyday breathing promotes more self-presence during orgasm. During orgasm we are breathing deeply and feeling each moment for the stimulation it brings. Therefore, inhaling as deep, slow, and often as possible begins creating this place within ourselves.