Yoni Egg Stats

Yoni Egg Stats


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Using the Yoni Egg inside the vaginal canal over time promotes physical restoration and rejuvenation of vaginal tissue, while enhancing body awareness, libido, vaginal tightness, lubrication, psychosexual and psychospiritual wellbeing.


57 women took our survey and ranged between the ages of 16-67 years of age. 53% of them wore the Yoni Egg inside their vaginal canal 2-7 days per week. 71% wore their Yoni Egg 5-24 hours per day. Here are their results:

  • 66% felt an immediate difference after their first insert of the Yoni Egg.
  • 63% noticed they secrete more vaginal lubrication than before using Yoni Egg(s).
  • 66% attributed their overall progression of wellbeing to the specific energetic qualities of their Yoni Crystal.
  • 39% could consciously undulate their vaginal muscles to move their Yoni Egg internally.
  • 66% of women feel their vaginal muscles have become stronger since using their Yoni Egg(s).
  • 62% feel more sexual desire since using Yoni Egg(s).
  • 57% feel more orgasmic since using their Yoni Egg(s) – 0% selected “strongly disagree”.
  • 45% can more easily control orgasmic responses since using their Yoni Egg(s)- (I.e.: such as consciously generating, enhancing or prolonging orgasm).
  • 44% enjoy the sensation of vaginal penetration more since using their Yoni Egg(s).
  • 53% feel their vagina has become tighter since using their Yoni Egg(s).
  • 36% experienced an increase in vaginal orgasms.
  • 55% feel an increase in self-confidence since using Yoni Egg(s).
  • 84% feel more spiritually connected to their sexuality than before.
  • 83% of women would like the medical industry to offer Yoni Eggs as a holistic alternative for vaginal or sexual treatment.

Out of 57 women, 31 were in a sexually active, long-term relationship. From these 31 women:

  • 61% felt more sexually stimulated by their partner
  • 59% felt more orgasmic with their partner than compared to when they were not using their Yoni Egg(s).

What was interesting about our survey is that 73% of women have not reached a full year of using their Yoni Egg, thus they are considered beginners, as compared to those who have been wearing Yoni Eggs for over one year, thus it can be expected that these statistics become more signifiant as the women progress in their practice.

Further, only 22% wear 2 or more Yoni Eggs at once, which is another indication of advanced practice. Also, only 11% of women took birth control, which commonly induces less sexual desire and vaginal muscle tissue, and perhaps also implies that women who use Yoni Eggs tend to be more holistically oriented.

74% do not take supplements for libido, menstruation, or feminine wellness, thus the majority of the women were not perturbed by this factor.

Another interesting conclusion is that 52% of women did not experience a significant increase in clitoral orgasm, suggesting that the Yoni Eggs affects the inner vaginal tissue more sensationally than the clitoris. Also, the Yoni Egg did not significantly affect women’s menstrual cycle in terms of pain, heaviness, and regularity, although this may be attributed to lack of long-term use of the Yoni Egg(s).


Thus, we conclude that by simply wearing the Yoni Egg inside of the vaginal canal it enhances vaginal health – promoting natural lubrication, strength, tightness, sensation, sexual desire, vaginal pleasure, vaginal orgasm, over-all self-confidence and wellbeing. More research can be done on the impacts of using Yoni Eggs and how they physiologically affect women’s health and sexuality.

Also studying how using the Yoni Egg affects women hormonally should be foundational. Studying the affects of the Yoni Egg and fertility would be significant as well, as increased libido from using the Yoni Egg creates more chances of conception, along with the help of the expected hormonal impacts of using the Yoni Egg.

AWomen who desire to sustain vaginal wellness by enhancing innervation to the vagina either because of celibacy, heavy menstrual cycles, pelvic prolapse, vaginal atrophy, ovarian cysts, fibroids, or women who desire to learn labor techniques by birthing the Yoni Egg; women who have recently given vaginal-birth, or who’s vaginal tissue may be damaged; women who are pre-menopausal and post-menopausal, as the Yoni Egg may help to neutralize the fluctuation of hormones; women who experience vaginal dryness; women who are depressed or suicidal, as the Yoni Egg may impact hormonal levels and states of pleasure; women who are in marriage counseling, and finally women who are seeking to increase their level of orgasmic pleasure; or even women who have PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorder), as women over time generate greater vaginal awareness and learn to control their vaginal impulses through controlling the movement of their Yoni Egg.